Create a Manufacturing Technology Council

Maintaining state manufacturing industries into the coming decades will require adapting economic policy to support emerging technologies such as 3D printing. In order to adapt to new manufacturing technologies, states will need a state body or council to advise on rapidly-changing policy needs. Some states lack a central body that can unite statewide additive manufacturers, recommend business-friendly policies on behalf of the changing manufacturing landscape, and help the state remain competitive in national and global additive manufacturing markets.


States could create a Manufacturing Technology Council to unite statewide manufacturers and advise the state on policies that will increase competitiveness in the next generation of manufacturing. The council could include leaders from advanced manufacturing businesses, research universities and community colleges, and government entities. This is a low-cost, straightforward way for states to keep up with current manufacturing trends, develop strategies to bolster demand, fill supply chain gaps, and engage with companies that are seeking to set up new U.S. operations.