Growing Advanced Energy Economies

Our Approach

The American Jobs Project was born of two tough problems: loss of middle-class jobs and congressional paralysis.

The American Jobs Project sought to address these problems by taking advantage of one of the biggest market opportunities of our era — advanced energy — and by doing so at the state, rather than the federal, level. Leaders who leverage their states’ unique strategic advantages to grow localized clusters of interconnected companies and institutions are poised to create quality jobs. These clusters require several building blocks coordinated for growth:

Innovation EcosystemAn innovation ecosystem to cultivate new ideas and technologies.

Access to CapitalAccess to capital to finance the growth of new and expanding businesses.

Workforce DevelopmentWorkforce development to educate and train a skilled workforce.

Value ChainA comprehensive value chain to support in-state manufacturing and deployment.

Local marketLocal market growth to support homegrown goods.

In all of the states where the American Jobs Project has worked so far, extensive research and interviews with local stakeholders and experts have revealed technologies that each state is particularly well suited to develop. Each state report identifies specific opportunities, barriers, and prudent policy choices that can accelerate growth and create lasting jobs that pay well in the growing advanced energy sector, while also creating multiplier effects that echo through the wider economy.



State Reports

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