Empowering Future Leaders

Our new initiative is designed to equip and empower next-generation leaders to lift clean energy above partisanship and reframe it as an opportunity to keep Americans employed and our economy competitive.

The Need

Clean energy represents one of the largest economic opportunities of our generation, yet few leaders are leveraging its economic potential. Unless leaders act quickly, American communities may miss the opportunity to prosper from the $1.4 trillion clean energy market, a job-rich sector that could make a difference for the 4 in 10 Americans still struggling to pay for basic needs. The American Jobs Project aims to change that.

Energy issues are often at the bottom of voters’ priorities while the economy consistently ranks at the top. But when clean energy is framed as an economic opportunity, 89 percent of voters agree that clean energy growth should be accelerated.

What We Do

Our initiative equips and empowers future leaders of all parties to connect the dots between clean energy and the foundation of a resilient economy by providing trainings, workshops, and tailored resources. Our work makes clean energy jobs specific, consumable, and compelling.

  • Where we operate
    • State-level, District-level, Local-level
  • How we select races
    • Identify districts with powerful opportunities to uplift disadvantaged communities
    • Determine areas where clean energy can make a difference
  • What value we add
    • Clean energy economy education and analysis
    • Tailored policies that create jobs through clean energy
    • Customized tools to communicate with stakeholders
    • Clean energy solutions that uplift vulnerable communities

What They Say

Learn More

If you are interested in getting involved with this new initiative, please contact our team at info@americanjobsproject.us.

Initiative Partners