How We Work

The American Jobs Project developed practical, customized strategies to promote economic development and advanced energy jobs. Our team leveraged its background in law, policy, coalition building, economic development, and advanced energy to collaborate with local business people, policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities and develop a pathway to make them a reality.

We crafted comprehensive, bottom-up, evidence-based solutions that create advanced energy jobs and the ecosystems that support them. Our team worked with leaders to equip them with what they need to grow the local economy, accelerate advanced energy, and create good-paying jobs that last. We form working groups based on our reports and research to bring together stakeholders and move policy recommendations forward.

AJP’s team has:

  • Influenced more than $26.5 million in direct public agency investments
  • Informed the policy platforms of 3 candidates running for statewide office
  • Engaged more than 1,000 stakeholders
  • Reached millions of people through earned and social media

As a result of our work:

  • Legislatures have introduced 21 policies that AJP crafted – 12 of these were subsequently signed into law and many are still being considered
  • Stakeholders took non-legislative action on 31 AJP policies in at least 18 states
  • State agencies in 3 states acted on recommendations in AJP reports